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Jan 09

Hey everyone! I will be playing at two events here in January. Come check them out!


The Rustics Album Release show:

Date: Jan 18th 2014

Time: 8pm

Location: The Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane WA




Where's God When

(Author of The Shack - William P Young) http://wheresgod.org/

Date: January 24th 2014

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Easpoint Church in Spokane Wa

Nov 01
"Waiting" Session Video
So excited to share the second session video from my album SEAS. This is one of my favorite upbeat songs from the album called "Waiting".


More session videos to come, make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel! And please share with your friends!



Oct 22
Cami Bradley at Carnegie Hall
Cami Bradley at Carnegie Hall

I have the amazing privilege to be a part of "Music of Hope" at Carnegie Hall on November 16th. This event is hosted by The Golden Hat Foundation to raise money for autism. What an honor! I'll be playing alongside some amazing artists (including Forte from America's Got Talent). Check out the line-up of artists, how to purchase tickets and details to this amazing foundation at the website below!


Oct 04
Session Videos
Session Videos

So excited to share the session video of my song "Loving You" off my album SEAS! The session videos from my album are going to be released one by one. Subscribe to my youtube channel to see them all :)


*Thank you to Kevin Howard for producing these vids!


Sep 29

As most of you know...I am on tour with AGT for the next few months. I can genuinely say that the show is AMAZING. So happy to be a part of it. Check out the cities we'll be visiting over the next few months at www.agtlivetour.com.


I would love to see you on the road!

Sep 21
Spokane WA Show with Cami Bradley/Taylor Williamson
Spokane WA Show with Cami Bradley/Taylor Williamson

My dear friend Taylor Williamson graciously agreed to come to my hometown for a Thank You/Goodbye show before we head out on tour this Monday. So excited! Two sold out shows at a local theater [The Bing Crosby]


September 22nd 2013

8pm & 10:15pm
Hope to see you there!

Sep 19

Can’t believe this journey has finally come to an end. It’s been a wonderful ride on this show. I am a little disappointed that I finished 6th, but mostly filled with more gratitude than you could even imagine. I am so thankful for more reasons than I can count, & so blessed by the entire process.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone I want to thank…so please don’t stop reading!


Thank you to the many people who supported me: my family, my fans (new & old), my friends, my church, & my city. Thank you to the many people who helped fly my family members to NYC (boy did that mean the world to me). Thank you to the local Spokane businesses & individuals who gave their time, money & effort to promote, create things, & support me on the show/personally. Thank you to the contestants for your friendships & for sharing memories with me that I’ll hold onto forever. Thank you to the crew of AGT who poured encouragement into me during the show. Thank you to everyone young & old who voted for me. I know some of you spent hours finding creative ways to do so. Thank you to my husand for being my rock during this season of life. Finally, thank you to God for gifting & using me! I love you all and couldn’t have done this without you.


Stay tuned for “what’s next”

Sep 16
Tomorrow's the big day
Tomorrow's the big day

It has arrived...the finale. Never in a million years did I think I would make it this far. So thankful for every moment, every relationship, every challenge, every memory.


I hope to walk away from tomorrow night feeling good about the performance I gave. No regrets. Prayers for a sense of peace, fun and no nerves would be greatly appreciated :)


Thanks everyone for the support, and in advance for voting and cheering me on. It sure means the world to me. Wouldn't be here without all of you! THANK YOU!

Aug 31
On to the Top 12!
On to the Top 12!

"Stunned" would be appropriate word for how I feel right now. This past spring when I released my album SEAS, I thought that was a big deal. I saved for years for that album and poured my heart into the music. I thought I was going to give my music career a little push and see what happened? Little did I know...God had other plans. Right around the corner was an email that would change the course of my little thoughts on what a career for me might look like. "Want to come to Chicago and audition for AGT?" Um, no thanks! That's not my plan?!

And yet here I am...on to the Top 12 and still barely processing what has happened to my small and safe world.

I don't know if this next performance will be my last (considering the talent line-up for the show so far), but no matter what happens, I'm so grateful I've gotten this chance. It's been a blessing in disguise. A scary blessing...but definitely a blessing.

Thank you to everyone who's voted and supported me!

Aug 22
A glimpse into my thoughts...
A glimpse into my thoughts...

What I've learned on AGT

1. I have to remember...oh yeah...I'm competing?! I'm having a really hard time looking at this as a competition. I've always had a competitive spirit, and I love winning, but this show has made it very difficult. I've been rooting for contestants and even hoping a couple of them will win over me. What happened to the me that wanted to beat everyone and everything?


2. I could never do this alone. As the support as poured in, I've been overwhelmed and blessed with how much people care and how genuinely supportive they are of me and my music. From the bottom of my heart "thank you" for taking the time to share your thoughts, feedback and encouragement with me.


3. I have to have thick skin. Some people aren't nice. Some people aren't going to like me, my voice, my looks, my anything. I refuse to take things personally and only listen to critique if it comes in a form that can actually help me grow!


4. I want to respond to everyone and everything. Because your support is what's keeping me going, I am attempting to respond to every email, message, post and text I receive. Your words mean the world to me...and I want you to know it. So because of this, I've learned to build in hours of time every week to respond to all of YOU.


5. New friends are good. I've made several amazing connections with some acts on the show. Shout out to Hype, Champions Forever and Taylor Williamson to name a few. All amazing people. Since these are the only people who understand the adventure I'm in right now...it's fun to have people to bounce things off of.


6. And lastly...I suck at social media. A good friend of mine is having to "coach" me through how many times I should be posting, what I should be posting and when I should post it. It's a learning process.
In addition to that...I could use YOUR HELP! Help me by sharing, re-posting, re-tweeting, etc. The more people I can reach, the better chance I have at this thing.


THANK YOU EVERYONE! I'm so grateful to all you very special friends, family, and fans.