Cami Bradley Bio

Putting it Together

Bios are supposed to be put together and well spoken. The problem is, I am only ever sometimes put together, and almost never well spoken.


So the following paragraphs are intended to tell you who I am and what my music is/sounds like. It's possible this entire "bio" won't even fit into the traditional category of a music bio. Luckily for me, my music and the way I handle my music career, has never fit into only one category either. But...somehow it works!


Just a glimpse

Cami Bradley and Husband

[Me & My Hubby]

My musical goal is to compel you to stop, reflect, soak up the lyrics, the rhythm, and hopefully, my voice. Who doesn't need an excuse to take a break from their busy life?


Music is in my bones. It's been an integral part of who I am my entire life. I've been playing piano, singing and writing music since before my brain could form whole memories, stringing together bits and pieces. My music is my story - the lyrical interpretations of the people around me and the lives they lead. It is a reflection of moments that have impacted me throughout my 24 years of my life.


I've spent the last year writing and recording my newest album SEAS. It is an eclectic mix of folk, indie-pop, and jazz, resulting in a diverse sound that embodies who I am. If you're reading this, I hope you will pause and give SEAS a listen. I think you will get just a glimpse into who I am.


On a more personal note, I am a pretty normal gal who's addicted to coffee and chocolate, loves spending time with my husband and family, is terrible at sports, does photography on the side, rides a motorcyle, is deathly afraid of heights and has four animals (two dogs & two cats). I'm a deep thinker, a planner and sometimes a little too compassionate for my own good. I love Jesus and I'm a blessed girl who gets to do what she loves in multiple facets. Like I said...pretty normal...and pretty darn happy with that.